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Why should you have your Alarm Monitored?

A security system is only as good as the response, if you have an alarm installed you should consider having it monitored.

A system that only activate an external siren might cause a neighbour to raise an
eyebrow, but there is no guarantee that a cavalry will come to the rescue.

24 hours monitoring

What kind of Alarm Monitoring is available?

There are two different ways the alarm communicates with the monitoring station:

The most common way is using your telephone land line.

PSTN communication

The other way is by the Telstra 3G mobile networks.

GPRS communication

What is the cost of Alarm Monitoring?

Take into consideration the cost of line rental, call cost and monitoring itself and compare it to Mobile GPRS. In some cases for a commercial site where a system communicates multiple times. e.g. open and closing, then GPRS monitoring may be a cheaper option.

What kind of response?

For a standard (blind) alarm the control room operator will contact a keyholder/s appointed by the customer and / or contact a private security patrol to attend (call out charges applies) Response by Private security could take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Click here to see PDF

For a verified alarm (alarm with video) the control room operator will view a 10 second video of the alarm event and treat if as crime in progress for priority Police response (at no charge.)