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Our Access Control system offers an extensive feature listing including integrated proximity, numerous wire-free options, high speed windows programming software and the simplest user - installer interface on the market today.

Solution 144 —

Your business security solution

You have a responsibility to your staff and your business to protect them. Should a burglary or other incident occur, the loss is not just the items destroyed or stolen – it’s the loss of comfort and security that your workplace once provided. The Solution 144 from Bosch Security Systems provides you with an expandable solution that can be tailored to fit your business perfectly.


Expandable to suit your business needs

Every business is different, and the Solution 144 can adapt to any requirements. It is capable of providing simple cost effective solutions for mid-sized businesses, yet is powerful enough to handle 144 zones (detection devices), and even up to 16 access doors when fully expanded for large applications.

The Solution 144 has the ability to cater for up to 256 users, providing a perfect fit for most business users. With programmable authority levels, you determine which functions each staff member can perform: simple operations such as turning the system on and off, or accessing restricted areas. Customised security has never been so simple.

Expandable to suit your business needs
Expandable to suit your business needs

Access Control is no longer reserved only for larger more expensive systems. The Solution 144 incorporates proximity technology from Bosch, providing an affordable and effective solution for integrated Access Control for up to 16 access doors or proximity readers - ideal for mid-sized commercial installations. Compatible proximity readers incorporate entry/exit and lock control built-in, which reduces cost and simplifies installation. Bosch provides you with a choice of Access Control user interfaces including internal or weatherproof external proximity readers, keypads with built-in proximity readers, or for a higher security option, biometric fingerprint readers.

Expandable to suit your business needs
Access Control Features

Comprehensive Access Control features including Holidays, Date / Time and Day of the Week Schedules allow you to easily manage your employee access and the arm/disarm functions of the security system. Up to 16 time zones can be set up, with each containing up to 4 time periods. Time zones can be used to automatically arm/disarm your security system at specific times, like automatically locking a reception door at 5pm, as well as controlling user access to doors such as the warehouse after 4pm, or to automatically control outputs, like gates that close automatically at 5.30pm.

Multiple Arming Options

The versatility of the Solution 144 is captured in its ability to provide the right arming option for any business. Up to 256 individual system users have the choice of arming and disarming using a unique PIN code (up to 8 digits long), a wireless remote, proximity card or token, biometric fingerprint or by using the Auto Arm function. The flexibility of the Auto Arm Function enables you to program your system to automatically arm at pre-defined times. Programmed schedules can also extend to control the locking of gates or turning building lights on and off, providing a complete business solution. For a more complete information regarding the access control, you can download this PDF.

Aegis and Bosch, a Tradition of Quality and Innovation

For over 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability. Bosch is the global supplier of choice for innovative technology, backed by the highest standards for service and support. Bosch Security Systems proudly offers a wide range of security, safety, communications and sound solutions that are relied upon every day in applications around the world, from government facilities and public venues to businesses, schools and homes. Aegis have been applying Bosch security system on home and businesses across Australia.

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