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Your choice of security company comes down to trust. Who should you trust to protect your financial interests?

Aegis Security Protection

is the answer.

Why Aegis?

Because we are highly qualified.

The first issue of concern to any business is the ability of their security contingency to adequately cope with potential threats. Only by utilising expert personnel can Aegis Security Protection offer the highest level of protection for your business. Our qualifications ensure that you get what you pay for. The reliance of the company upon experts guarantees you quality. And that quality helps you to sleep at night – confident that you have taken every reasonable step to protect your business.

With years of local experience.

Aegis Security Protection have over 20 years of local North Brisbane experience. That local knowledge works to your advantage. Not spending more than you need is a worthwhile consideration. Sure, any company can recommend products for your company’s security. But the key is getting exactly the right advice and only recommendations based on local needs and proven systems.

Equipped with future proof technology.

Advancements in technology require the security industry to constantly remain abreast of new developments. Aegis Security Protection rely upon our technical engineering skills to thoroughly explore the advantages of new technology and implement those advancements which best suit local businesses. Technology for technology’s sake serves no practical purpose. The importance of understanding which new technology can be implemented efficiently, is cost-effective and reliable is paramount.

With five key components of security and protection for your home and business; Videofied Alarm, Alarm Systems, Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, and 24 Hour Monitoring Standard, we are ready to secure and protect your home and business. Contact us now and get secured!


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