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The most cost effective alarm:

Videofied’s wireless video verification security solution

A verified alarm is treated as crime in progress and leads to an immediate dispatch and priority response by the Police

RSI Video Technologies

RSI Video Technologies was founded in 2000 in Strasbourg. The company began selling products internationally in 2003. In 2005, a subsidiary company was created in the USA and in the UK in 2009. RSI Video Technologies develops intruder alarm security solutions with a real dedication to technological innovation. Our products offer and innovative concept, which allows us to export our know-how to Europe, North America and the rest of the world. RSI Video Technologies develops innovative wireless self-powered solutions to resolve security problems for commercial, residential, and outdoor applications.

Engineering is based in Strasbourg, France, where our team has been developing low-power radio solutions for commercial and residential applications for over 20 years. Already sold in France by the largest suppliers of security systems such as banks and insurance companies and by leading monitoring stations, our products have demonstrated their capability with more than 500,000 systems already installed.

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Outdoor Alarm

These new technology improvements will enable video to be deployed on outdoor sites where vandalism and theft is a growing priority. The system can be equipped with up to 24 cameras with infrared illuminators for true night vision. The camera/ motion sensors can be repositioned at the end of the day to hinder the “inside job”. They can also be placed inside cabs or trucks, cars, bobcats, etc. This GPRS system can be immediately deployed and moved from site to site. Having the latest security option at your disposal you can protect – ANY SITE – ANYWHERE – ANYTIME, inside or outside regardless of AC power, telephone line or level of illumination. Using Videofied alarm system is like having a team of security guards at a fraction of the cost.

Videofied can be installed inside or outside where there is mobile coverage. No need for power or telephone line that construction sites often lack. Since construction sites, vacant building, car lots and all outdoor sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms. Videofied’s portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves – even if that means being installed month later at a brand new site.

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Residential Security
Videofied protecting your single most important asset – your house!

Does your old burglar alarm see nothing?

Videofied – it’s here. Not to be confused with video surveillance. Videofied is a burglar alarm system with built in video verification. The availability of the Videofied now makes video verification burglar alarms affordable to the domestic marketplace, and leads the way forward in shaping the future in security alarm systems. Albeit priced for the domestic-small business market, the Videofied is packed full of the most advanced technologies including a combination of video and audio burglar alarm verification capabilities, wireless GPRS and GSM communicators, a touch keypad and the unique feature of proximity tag arming and disarming station. Video verification on a single system – all for the same price as a blind burglar alarm makes the Videofied the next generation alarm-system for the domestic to commercial markets.

Does your old burglar alarm hear nothing?

Home and business owners have previously installed burglar alarm systems believing that if the alarm system is activated, police would urgently respond to arrest the would-be burglars. Unfortunately, this couldnt be farther from the truth. The traditional “blind” burglar alarm has become a victim of itself. Synonymous to the age-old expression of the boy who cried wolf, police now notionally consider reported alarm activations to be false or non-genuine. A burglar alarm does not perform the role of arresting burglars, but rather police and guards do. Once police are aware that a real burglary is in progress, all indications are that an urgent response is likely. Urgency is the key, and the seamless provided by Videofied will enable police to respond with urgency, and an appropriate level of force.

Does your old burglar alarm speak nothing?

The Videofied XL has been an eagerly anticipated addition to the Videofied arsenal of products that have seen scores of intruders, vandals, trespassers and graffiti offenders arrested by police throughout Australia over the past year. These arrests have largely been due to Australian law enforcement alarm response policies and practice focusing on Video Verification of alarm activations. Policing the community is far too important task to have the time of our police wasted with unnecessary deployment to reported false alarms. And in an era where wireless technologies are flourishing, it should be no surprise that the traditional “blind” retired detector technologies need to step aside for a responsibly efficient and valued solution. Coupled with the new police alarm response policies, and the availability of the Videofied system, is there really a choice when considering the best burglar alarm option for your protection?